Total Deaths in Vietnam

Memorial to the Cambodian Genocide

A detailed demographic study calculated 791,000 –1,141,000 war-related Vietnamese deaths, both soldiers and civilians, for all of Vietnam from 1965 to 1975. The study came up with a most likely Vietnamese death toll of 882,000, which included 655,000 adult males (above 15 years of age), 143,000 adult females, and 84,000 children.

This total contrasts with the total Democide (Murder by Government) of 1,670,000.  Nearly twice as many people were murdered by the Communist Vietnam government as died on both sides of the entire war.

Sadly, the Americans were also guilty of Democide. Professor Rummel calculates that approximately 6,000 Vietnamese were murdered by American servicemen. I am ashamed and sorry for this but it is a tiny fraction of the murder committed by the Vietnamese Communists. And certainly nothing like the lies and propoganda generated by our anti war protesters.