Anti American Video

The first video below shows one of the reasons we Vets are angry.  Hollywood puts out this drivel. Watch the video produced in 2008 - it makes us worse than the Nazi's. The 5,000,000 million people figure was just made up - no references - and most of them were murdered by the Communists. The video blames the US for the Cambodian holocaust.  Narrated by Martin Sheen - an excellent actor who apparently believes his silly movie Apocalypse Now was reality. And young people who view this crap will believe it.

VIETNAM: AMERICAN HOLOCAUST exposes one of the worst cases of sustained mass slaughter in history, carefully planned and executed by presidents of both parties. Our dedicated generals and foot soldiers, knowingly or unknowingly, killed nearly 5 million people, on an almost unimaginable scale, mostly using incendiary bombs. Vietnam has never left our national consciousness, and now, in this time, it has more relevance than ever. Claiborne documents the Whitehouse fabrication of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and further, raises the question of whether JFK was assassinated to promote the Vietnam War. Martin Sheen, who played the leading role in Apocalypse Now almost 30 years ago, has generously lent his powerful voice to this actual history of the War in Vietnam. 

VIETNAM American Holocaust - YouTube

Some of the other videos are more reasonable and most actually blame the communists for the murders they committed.